The prac­ti­cal diver­sity of our pip­ing sys­tem is almost lim­it­less. We offer you sys­tems for an instal­la­tion spec­trum that ranges from drink­ing water, plumb­ing, heat­ing and sewerage.

Sew­er­age Pipes: We offer Cast Iron Hub­less Pipe, which are inter­nally new Epoxy Resin coated (130μm) and exter­nally coated with Acrylic Enamel (40μm). These pipes are con­nected with Stain­less Steel Cou­pling, which can with­stand a pres­sure upto 10 bars. No Cor­ro­sion! No Rust­ing! Great Dura­bil­ity! Quick Installation!

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