We offer wide range of Pre-​wall Flush­ing sys­tem to meet every pos­si­ble archi­tec­ture sit­u­a­tion, whether it is Top push or Front push dual Flush, var­ied sizes and thick­ness of con­cealed cis­tern with frame or with­out frame cis­tern, noise­less flush­ing, ele­gant flush plate designs.

As spe­cial­ist for fit­tings in pub­lic, semi-​public or com­mer­cial san­i­tary rooms, we pro­vide a com­plete range of uri­nal flush­ing sys­tems. For con­cealed instal­la­tion as well as exposed mount­ing. Whether contact-​free or man­u­ally actuated.

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