Cement and sand mix­ture used for fix­ing tiles doesn’t form a level base to cover the entire tile sur­face. More­over, cement shrinks over a period of time, lead­ing to hol­low spaces under the tile. This is what causes the crack­ing of tiles or the hol­low sound­ing tiles. Here is the per­fect solu­tion for it!
USE ADHE­SIVES FOR PROBLEM-​FREE FIX­ING OF TILE & STONE, Tile Adhe­sive is a fac­tory made cemen­ti­tious dry pow­der, which is mixed with water or spe­cial liq­uid addi­tive to form a paste. This paste is applied on the floor con­crete and the tile is pressed on it to com­plete installation.


Grouts are tile joint fillers for the space between adjoin­ing tiles laid either on the floor or walls.
Tra­di­tion­ally white cement is used to fill the tile joints. White cement eas­ily breaks down due to daily main­te­nance, which leads to dirty/​stained tile joints, water seep­age and growth of fungus/​bac­te­ria.
Ino­v­a­tive range of grouts, which pro­vide stain­free tile joints, are acid/​chem­i­cal resis­tant, non– crack­ing or pow­der­ing, anti– fun­gal & anti– bacterial.


Seal­ers form a pen­e­tra­tive layer for the pro­tec­tion of all stones, grouts and tile sur­faces. They form an invis­i­ble bar­rier that is resis­tant to mois­ture and stains, while allow­ing vapour to escape. It is not a sur­face coat­ing and will not alter the nat­ural look.

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